I’ve been many things in my life: a woman, daughter, teacher, friend, wife. With the arrival of our son, I’m now also a mother. The role feels new, though one I’m very much enjoying. For me, this blog is a place to reflect upon and share my experiences as a new mother. The time of pregnancy – and now living with a newborn – has been one of fast change, extreme emotions, and personal growth. I hope to capture some essence of this time for myself before it all slips away. In addition, as I’ve embarked on this journey, I’ve found other mother’s honest stories of birth and motherhood essential to my own understanding of the role. Birth and child rearing should be a communal one, but so often in today’s world women find themselves in isolation. I hope that my words here may find their way to other mothers, be they friends or strangers.

While being a new mother has been all-consuming these past months, I also want to create time for myself to remember and cultivate interests that I had before this marvelous little person came into my life. In many ways, I’ve lost time by having a little one at home. In other ways, however, I’ve found I have much more time to stop and enjoy moments as they pass. I’ve been inspired to be more creative and to make more things, which I used to do often as a child myself. I love reading and writing. I enjoy painting, photography, and the arts. Travel. Food. I could go on, but my point is that I want being a mother to add to my current identity, and I hope to cultivate all of my interests in this space.

I’m starting this blog with eight months left of maternity leave, and I invite you to join my journey.