Enjoyed Last Week

We celebrated one of my dear friend’s birthdays … and one of the best bits was that we got to go out on the town (W in tow, of course)! My husband found a really great new-to-us bar that combines three loves: art, books, and cocktails! Add being there with some of my best people, and you have a great combination. The Swan Bar at Maison Assouline is in the heart of Piccadilly. It was a genuine treat, and I’d recommend it to anyone in London looking for a chic, relaxed setting for drinks before dinner.

Wow, the weather in London was gorgeous. My sister and I took advantage with a picnic in Hill Garden just off Hampstead Heath. First, we explored the Pergola with its beautiful blooming magnolia. I’ll need to go back for the wisteria! When you come out into Hill Garden from the Pergola, you feel as though you’ve found a secret part of London. After lunch, we went for a romp over Parliament Hill.

I read this article on the hot debated topic of screen-time. I’m not going to get into my thoughts on the matter here (how much screen time? at what age? for what kinds of activities?). The article also doesn’t get into all those questions. Instead, it was extremely informative about what is happening in the brain and how that then displays itself in a child’s behavior when exposed to screen time. Not only that, but also it ended with a tip for what you could do to help a child transition from screen time back to the world. I found an awesome new resource in this site!

Looking for some concrete strategies to get W to sleep, I’ve turned to Elizabeth Pantley’s No Cry Sleep Solutions. I’ve devoured it and am implementing some of the strategies currently. I have noticed improvements: W is sleeping more total hours and taking regular naps (not always on me!). We are still working on many things, however, as W still only sleeps a few hours at a time during the night. I have to say, I wish I’d read this one during pregnancy as there are some subtle things I could have been doing earlier to help W become an independent sleeper.


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