Falling Behind (and getting going again)

It’s been a little quiet around here recently, on the blog I mean. That has partly been because I’ve been enjoying some time away from social media and instead consuming parenting books (sleep, food, and behavior) in my “free” moments. But it’s also due to life getting a little crazy. When I say crazy, I mean both enjoyable and difficult crazy. I’ve had a chance to spend some quality time with my family, but I’ve also been trying to juggle all the needs of my family (including my own), which have not always been aligned with each other.

This craziness has given me little time to write. Missing posts that I’d planned has then made me feel disappointed with myself. Often when I start a project, I also set parameters and expectations for myself, like I should only post once a day but at least once a week. The further I get into the project, the more excited and ambitious I feel until soon I’ve built too many requirements for myself to keep up with. Do you do that? Inevitably I hit a time, like recently, where the project is not the priority and I fall behind. I believe this is why I abandon a project. But these “rules” were self imposed in the first place, so who’s to say I can’t give myself some slack, learn from the experience, and adjust my expectations? At times like this, I need to look at the big picture: to me, a project is meaningful for its purpose not solely for its individual parts. With that, I’m taking a deep breath, sending myself a little love and compassion, and getting on with other posts I’ve been hoping to write.

What do you do to keep the excitement and motivation alive while not creating constricting pressures for yourself?

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