Enjoyed Last Week

As someone who is often reading articles with headlines likes this, The 5 Best Toys of All Time, I laughed at myself when I started reading the content of this article. So true. (If, however, you are actually after an article that evaluates toys for children and their development, then this one is worth a read.)

Found this article on foods for breastfeeding mothers helpful. I’m constantly hungry (though never as badly as I was those first weeks of pregnancy when my husband was often exclaiming, “you just ate!”), and it’s good to know what I could be eating to replenish the nutrients and energy leaving me. Really, it’s any excuse to eat avocado.

After being reminded of her work on a poetry program, I revisited Sharon Olds’ book of poetry, The Wellspring. I first read it in high school when part 1 and 2 with poems about childhood and growing up spoke to me. On this read more than a decade later, I’m finding the poems on parenthood and marriage in parts 3 and 4 speak to me. Our own perspectives so often color how we interpret and relate to writing; it was a joy to experience how new life experiences have brought subtle shifts in my perspective while my core has remained the same. When I first read “The Lady Bug,” I identified with the daughter who was leaving home. Now, I am the mother with the shared hope that my son will grow to have the strength to leave home.

We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I enjoyed how they portrayed his daydreams. It made me think a bit of my own mind when I’m home with W. I try to talk to him a lot to develop his language, which often feels like I’m talking to myself. Other times I get lost in thought and have to remind myself to talk as I am actually with someone else. Then sometimes I can’t remember if I was talking to him or thinking to myself. We also enjoyed the cinematography of the film, especially of Iceland as it allowed us to relive our trip last summer. The themes of pursuing dreams, finding life’s purpose and commitment, and working for big vs. small business were also all engaging.

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