Enjoyed Last Week

Although I’d read this before, I revisited Mama OT’s article on tips to help babies learn to roll because, well, that’s what we’re working on at home these days. I was already doing a few of the things, but was reminded of other strategies I could add to my arsenal. Most successful has been singing “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” while W is on his back and I’m holding and rocking his left hand and right foot (or vise versa) from side to side. We’ve had lots of giggles with this new game!

Caitlin Moran’s article on feminism was witty. While continuing to claim to the reader she doesn’t need to define feminism for them (because, obviously, they’re on board with the concept), she manages to define it thoroughly and well. In the 12 things that women won’t tell you, I thought 6 and 9 were most on point. The stats from 5 were astounding, and what a great idea in 4.

This past week we all had a terrible cold, so when Friday night rolled around, all I wanted to do was watch an old, favorite rom-com. I chose While You Were Sleeping. Loved it.

I’ve given a lot of thought about how much I should share about the life of my child through public writing and photography. I do firmly believe that children should be in ownership of their own stories, but I also believe that within a family some of those stories are shared. Also, within those interactions, there are multiple perspectives. When sharing about W, be it written or photographed, I try to do it within certain boundaries and with respect for him. This article discusses one woman’s struggles of writing about her children and mistakes she made crossing boundaries, like puberty.

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