Enjoyed Last Week

I had the opportunity to walk across Hampstead Heath to Kenwood House. We felt like we’d earned our picnic lunch when we got there. The house itself is majestic, with the library being my favorite room. I had forgotten it also housed a great collection of art (and there were some incredibly friendly and informed volunteers throughout to tell you about the pieces). Not only was the house worth a visit, but also spring had come to the garden with the rhododendron and camellia both in blossom.

Knowing I’d have a day at home with my little one, I planned to make Smitten Kitchen’s lasagna bolognese (to be clear, I did not plan to make the lasagna sheets as I’m not that ambitious). About when I added the wine to the bolognese sauce, W vomited everywhere. This combined with a feverish temperature prompted a call to the doctor and in turn a visit to the doctor. Everything was put on hold in the kitchen. I did somehow manage to finish the lasagna in time for dinner (minus the 3-4 hours of simmering!). I will be trying it again (properly following the recipe).

I’m still listening to The Baby Book by Dr Sears and his wife (with many more hours to go!). The most recent tidbit I learned was that a child’s need to suck diminishes sometime between nine months and three and a half years of age. It is the loss of this need to suck that pushes a child to self-wean. This made sense to me as to why it is recommended to breastfeed for at least a year, longer if you can. It’s relevant to us as we’re just looking into how to introduce solids with weaning coming sometime down the road after that.

I’ve really enjoyed following the #marchmeetthemaker hashtag on Instagram. There are many inspiring artists and makers there.

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