February’s Apples & Onions


  • I started this blog. After spending ages in my head thinking about what I’d like to write, I finally made some time to get the technical part of having a blog figured out.
  • My she-could-be-a-sister friend came to visit. Living in London while having grown up in the States means my childhood and school/college friends all live an ocean away. I’m lucky to have so many friends dedicated to long distance calls and occasional visits. It was so good to see F, to talk nonstop and have her meet W. 
  • My husband’s birthday was a success (at least I think he’d agree!). He took the day off, and we went with W to the V&A and then out to dinner with friends and family. I think I nailed the pressies – something he asked for, something I made, something he needed, something nice, and something “from” W. I also made Smitten Kitchen’s whole lemon tart for his “cake.” I have to admit the pastry was a bit more than I realized I’d gotten myself in for, but it was delicious, so totally worth it!
  • My sister, W, and I got to travel for four days. There was sun, seafood, a beach and waves. Not to mention my sister and I got to catch up, and she’s incredible with W. What more could anyone want?
  • I’ve (mostly) kept up my goal to be creative through posting on Instagram and cooking new meals.


  • I missed a deadline. It doesn’t really matter what it was for. It’s the fact that submitting to this was a goal of mine. It was something for me. Not for W. Not for my husband. Not for a friend. It was for me. I did a lot of the prep work, so I felt truly crushed when I realized that, because it was a rolling deadline, I’d missed it. How could I let myself down like that? To be honest, the night I realized, after getting W to sleep, I went and stood in my dark kitchen to have a cry by myself.

Curious about why it’s apples and onions? Check out January’s post.

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