Myddelton House Gardens

This past weekend, we went to stay with my husband’s parents near Enfield. Despite the fact that Enfield is still in the city, it is only a short drive from many parks and gardens. One of our favorite things to do wherever and whenever we can is get outdoors. A friend recommended Myddelton House Gardens, and we were soon all on our way.

The house belonged to Edward Augustus Bowles who dedicated much of his time to the extensive gardens. It is clearly a garden that is and was loved. We walked around the pond, through the garden with the original Enfield market cross, and around the little valley with spring bulbs.

Despite the dull gloom of the February day, it was a perfect time of year to see the gardens. While the branches were bare at first look, upon closer scrutiny you could see the tiny new-green leaves unfurreling or the velvet-soft casings of the magnolia blossoms. The best for me was the early spring blossoms of snowdrops and crocuses. They were everywhere, and there was even a little knoll carpeted with the gentle purples and whites of these flowers. It’s easy to walk past the fine details of plants, but when I did pause to look closely, I noticed variation in variety of snowdrop shapes.

I’m so pleased this garden is so close to my in-laws as I hope to go again to catch the magnolias, the wisteria, and the summer iris.

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