Enjoyed Last Week

The Baby Book by Dr Sears and his wife is the audiobook I’m currently listening to. In the most recent section, I learned that we are suggested to put our babies to bed on their backs precisely because they do not sleep as soundly in that position. While I’m aware of the “back to bed” movement to reduce SIDS, I hadn’t understood why. There are many hours still to go in this book.

Apartment Apothecary’s recent post captured how I felt in the first three weeks of having my little one around (and it does go so quickly).

W giggled loads while I danced with him in the carrier to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling, so I’ll be doing that again! 

There were three articles that supported one of my favourite Henry James quotes to Be kind, Be kindBe kind.

I’ve been searching for ways to make a better world. I found the #makers4refugees movement on Instagram inspiring because ordinary people came up with a way to use their talents to help a cause. Also this article on the power of love.


Check out my Twitter feed @familynotebook where I share other articles and links I’ve enjoyed.


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