January’s Apples & Onions

My husband and I often play a game: Apple, Onion, Apple. We each take turns sharing something positive about our day/week/vacation while the other listens, apples. Then each of us shares a challenge or something that didn’t go as well, onions. We end on the positive, apples.

I like this game because it allows you to reflect, and as a couple it requires us to listen. Often I learn something about myself or my husband through playing. Not to mention, I’ve heard it said that reflecting cultivates a happy life, so why not?

Here, then, are my apples and onions from January (for these posts I’m bending the rules of only two apples and one onion):


  • I tried something new. I’ve never dyed my hair before, but I decided this month to try purple highlights. It felt a bit like when I first cut my hair really short or got my nose pierced. Thrilling. The look is not really me, and I spent most of the month being surprised by my image in the mirror. I did, however, get lots of compliments. I’m not sure it’s a forever look, but I’m really pleased I tried it.
  • I cooked new recipes each week. We have two cook books by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, River Cottage Everyday  and River Cottage Veg Everyday!, that we both really like. From the recipes I tried, there’s a soup and pasta dish I’ve now added to my repertoire.
  • I finished something! Normally that’s not an apple, but with a baby in the house, it’s a wonder if I complete anything. In this case it was a photo album for my husband for our third year together (we’ve nearly been together five years, so I’m still rather behind … but that’s an onion).
  • I kept up with my goal to be more creative this year by posting on Instagram at least once a week and finishing a watercolor (well, okay, more of a birthday card for my husband where I used watercolors).
  • We went to the Women’s March in London. It felt good to be doing something rather than just watching and hearing all the news.


  • W stopped sleeping as well as he had been. This meant he was tired and cranky more than usual, which in turn meant my tolerance for the little daily challenges was lower.
  • We tried to do too much in a day (ummm, the Women’s March followed by a night out with a baby made for a long, long day). The result was we spent the next day (or week) recovering.
  • My husband and I had a challenging discussion about how and when we engage W in activities, like tummy time. This actually then became an apple because the result was we understood each other’s styles a bit better.


What do you do to reflect?

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